upvalue n. A free variable referenced within a closure; a method of implementing closures used in the Lua runtime.

Hi there, my name is Phil, and upvalue is my one man full stack development shop based out of Houston, TX.

Some trivia about me:

  • I am one of the few living humans who’s been paid to write Scheme code outside of an academic environment.
  • 2 spaces, no tabs.
  • If I’m not coding, I’m probably enjoying a workout with kettlebells in the temperate Houston summer.

Why not check out some of my writing?

I’m on GitHub as ioddly.

I sometimes make bad comments on Reddit,  Hacker News,  micro.blogTwitter,  and Reactiflux (as @upvalue)

This site is built using Gatsby, purecss, SASS, and some additional JavaScript.

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