Hi there, my name is Phil, and I'm a freelance full stack web developer based out of Houston, Texas.

I specialize in making secure, responsive & fast web applications. As a full stack developer, I'm comfortable getting up to speed quickly on applications and working with a variety of technologies. I've done everything from compilers to web and mobile applications. I work with agencies, large companies, startups and individuals on anything from simple maintenance and feature addition to full MVPs.


"Two words to describe Phil: solid & dependable." - Marc Hoffmann, FanExam

"A top notch coder and a compiler ninja." - Fahad Al-Khaled, Jibla Tech

While I do have a preferred tech stack using some of the technologies below, I'm comfortable working with many languages, frameworks and databases. I cut my coding teeth writing compilers in C++ and Scheme; I pick up new things easily.

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Need to see more? Check my GitHub or contact me for references & examples involving specific technologies.