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Waving hand  Hi there, my name is Phil. I'm a developer who combines tricky technical problem-solving with solid UX/UI. I work with S&P 500 companies, agencies, small businesses and individuals to deliver applications that customers love to use.

Don't take my word for it

Read on to see what I've done, what I can do for you, and what working with me is like.

What they said

Two words to describe Phil: solid & dependable.Marc Hoffmann, FanExam
A top notch coder and a compiler ninja.Fahad al-Khaled, Jibla Tech

What I've done

I've never liked skill ratings because ratings don't tell you much about what someone has done. Here are some concrete things I've accomplished with these technologies.

ReactTurned around a responsive reimplementation of a React / Redux customer portal for a SaaS in a week, allowing them to renew the contract with the customer funding development.
PythonBuilt a Flask control panel for a popular publisher to upload books via Amazon S3 to their iOS application, avoiding expensive and review - erasing updates. Then added that functionality to the iOS / Titanium SDK application with no prior mobile experience.
TypeScriptPrototyped a TypeScript-to-Kotlin compiler in 4 weeks with the TypeScript compiler API, with the eventual goal of sharing code between mobile and web.
PostgresConverted a search application with an expected $3.5m ROI to use postgres fulltext search, improving response times by 90%.
D3 (Data Driven Documents)Built a timeline visualization for an S&P 500 company's internal kanban system, allowing task timelines to be visualized years in advance.
PythonBuilt a Python wrapper for the Trello API, allowing a SaaS company to integrate their application directly with Trello.

In the open

Meditations is a freestyle productivity system that handles daily tasks and extensive note-taking based on the principles of habit formation
Golang / React / Redux / TypeScriptSource
Small-footprint, high performance and self-hosting implementation of the Scheme programming language. Compacting garbage collection and native compilation.
C++ and SchemeSource
I'm a regular speaker at Houston-area meetups, having given talks on topics such as React, testing and Typescript. I also help organize the WoodlandsTech meetup.

How I work

EarthI do what I say I'm going to do.
EarthI've worked remotely for clients from Kuwait to the Netherlands to New York.
Proactive and frequent communication is doubly important when working over distance. I will never go dark without warning.
FlaskSoftware exists to solve a business problem. Nobody needs 2,000 more lines of code by the end of the week — they need a solution.
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I avoid frustrating production bugs with testing, QA, and plain old thoughtful development.
Not convinced yet? The best thing to do is to shoot me a quick email. I'm always willing provide more information and talk your project over.